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RE:alize what is possible

RE:think - Strategic Consulting

Rediscovering innovation capacities and exploring your digital potential - workshops and consulting with no strings attached.

RE:build - Lean Company Building

External innovation projects in their own sandbox - supreme execution speed with little risk for the parent company.

RE:structure - Digital Restructuring

Reinventing your company from scratch - with your products and your clients, just fully digital - suitable in times where cost cutting does not help anymore.

RE:lax - Simply Efficient

No big overhead, no corporate structures - flexible, agile and lighting fast enabling you to stay ahead of your competition.

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What is Digital


Digital RE:structuring is the process of transforming an established SME with a customer base and a strong product offering into a digital champion of its industry. Exploring all opportunities digitalisation offers leads to new synergies within and between departments, cost reduction, quality increase, and new processes opening up the launch of new products as data analytics is enabled to its fullest potential.
Many established companies struggle with the vast opportunities and options and tend to ignore the necessity to act before their competition does.

RE:inspire - Our Values

Every venture once started as a bright idea. The fearless founders decided to put it out there and see if it can sustain in the hard world of competition and innovation - while working on a better version of their idea, every day. We are convinced the spirit of these times can still be found in every corporation and empowers it to become a greater company, day by day.

Technology Trumps Tradition

Technological change will eventually fundamentally change every single industry. There is no industry that will not live through this process. It’s also a never ending process with intense shockwaves at different times for different industries. But instead of fearfully waiting for the next shock we believe in tackling the opportunity hands on and using technological innovation to our advantage. By doing that you can be at the center of said shockwave, unharmed and ahead of the competition.

RE:vive Innovation

Innovation is at the core of every medium or large company. You don’t become a large company without once in the beginning or along the way being innovative and industry changing. The brave and daring become industry leaders not the conservatives and fearful. It is hard maintaining that entrepreneurial spirit, but we are here to revive it.

RE:cycle Over Final Disposal Sites

Being a startup has many advantages over a big company, but there are just as many disadvantages. We believe in startup but we believe there is an even bigger potential in existing SMEs. Unlike a startup we already have revenue, we already have loyal customers from whom we can learn and we already have deep industry knowledge. We help revive the needed mindset and bridge the technology gap to recycle all that hidden potential into a digital era.

RE:focus on Entrepreneurship

We are entrepreneurs at heart. We like to prove that with our preferred methodology: digital restructuring. While we do sell services we will always think and act like entrepreneurs. This truly differentiates us.

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